5 looks for 5 day at school / college #autumnEdition

So today I’ve prepared a couple of photos from my last video I uploaded to my YouTube channel on Saturday, and it’s about 5 outfits for 5 days at school/college.

I wanted to presenta few different styles you can rock at school (unless you have towear uniforms), or you can definitely wear them later on, at college / university 🙂

I selected clothes that are appropriate for most climates in autumn / winter time, but surely they’re not suitable for every part of the world, so keep that in mind, and style it accordingly 😉

Below you can see photos from these outfits, or just check the whole video 🙂


I thought this was the perfect “proper school girl” outfit – with the checkered skirt & a casual-looking tee to bring the uniform style down a bit 🙂


This is a very cute, but comfy solution in my opinion – you wear your cottons, can be flexible in it, but you’re basically still wearing a nice LBD.


This is my absolute favourite – of course, it involves classic jeans 😀 But, with a statement tank top & a cute blazer you can definitely dress the jeans up to look a bit fancier.


This is for the little school rebel in you – I mean, if you take the ripped trashy jeans as rebelious 😉 Being white, I don’t think it’s too bad for school but you can always wear tights underneath. The lovely lace on this tee makes it a bit more girly & innocent 😛


FInally, I also prepared a “smarter” outfit – you know, for those days you need to impress your teachers, or when you’re having an important oral exam, etc. and you shouldn’t wear jeans or anything too casual.

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