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So, November here has very January-like temperatures this year :O I was wearing my Stradivarius trainers until a few days ago when I just realised – damn, my ankles are very chilly in these 🙂 Especially since I’m wearing my really short socks & not the longest jeans (they’re actually a short, above-ankle length!) 😀 I decided I needed to urgently shop for a new pair of shoes! And any excuse is good to go shoe shopping – even freezing weather! 

Secretly, I already had a certain type of shoes in my head because I spotted them previously when I visited Stradivarius 🙂 Looks like they know what I like shoe-wise this season! 😛 I saw these fake Doc Martens style of shoes (I mean, let’s be honest they’re not quite as cool as originals but they’re also not quite as pricey :P) and immediately fell in love but haven’t tried them on yet. I though I would be back if I liked them so much & when it would get colder in winter. Little did I know it would get cold very soon 🙂 And wet! So, these really seemed like an obvious & perfect choice! They had them in burgundy, dark green (not olive!) & black. I first went in for the black ones to try them on but they really looked so fake! Like a very kiddish cheap version of Docs (they are 50 € btw)! I immediately loved these ones though! Just for fun & to be sure what I want, I threw on the green ones but wasn’t really feeling the cold tone. So, I got these in size 39 (UK 6, US 9), they’re amazing because you actually don’t get to tie the laces all the way up every time (they have the zipper for that!). Tested them while driving (perfect), walking a lot (quite soft) and jumping into the deep puddle! Didn’t feel a drop of water! Of course, they’re not slippery and they do feel quite warm (surely for winter, a nice pair of fuzzy socks will need to be worn under). Let me know what you think from the photos below 🙂

dsc05921 img_8882 dsc05919 dsc05920 img_8886 img_8882 img_8883 img_8884 img_8885

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