My hobbies in photos

Hey guys, today I’m coming back with a little different post. Instead of writing a bunch of things to let you get to know a bit more about me, I thought why not just taking photos of things I like, or like to do, or like to have around me 🙂 

Since my blog is very photos-oriented, I think this is a much better & more suitable way of presenting you my wishes, hobbies, or just my everyday life & things surrounding me 🙂 I hope you enjoy, oh and these are by far not the only things that make me happy, so I will definitely soon proceed with a follow-up to this post!


I became interested in orchids just recently, or better said, since my last birthday when my BF gifted these exact 2 to me 🙂 I really love yellow flowers, and since then I keep seeing them on widows shelves of apartments & houses I pass on my everyday strolls. Orchids somehow calm me down when I watch them…


This shot represents my love for fashion – fashion is my hobby since I was very small – I just looooved dressing up, and let my sissy photograph me in each & every one of my creations, hahah!


These 2 sachets are the foot bath salt & the foot mask – home DIY pedicures are a complete relaxation for me! I also tend to get quite dry & hard skin on my feet (TMI?) because I do walk a LOT. Also, I never take baths, I just shower in the bathroom so these foot soaks are the perfect mini alternative for that. I usually soak for about 20 min to half an hour, and watch vlogs, write blog, or edit my videos in the meantime 😉


Doing my nails is probably my fave beauty routine! I could do my nails every day, and many time (especially in summer) I do exactly that! 🙂 I keep changing colors, shape and length of my nails because I quickly get bored of them 🙂


I love feeling clean & tidied up – that’s why I always need to have a bunch of tweezers everywhere around me hahah, they are on my working desk at home, in my toiletry bag, in the bathroom, …. Also, love being organised with my memos, and of course can’t resist a cute stationary brand! 😛


Like mentioned before, love doing nails, so if I would have to only pick 2 beauty / makeup products to wear, I’d go for the polish & lippie! Sunnies on the other hand are just my thing, I am NEVER without them. It’s easy to hide behind them, and also since I’m a contacts user, bright light tends to really bother me sometimes because it flashes me, so sunnies definitely help in those cases. B-)


Ok, now we’re off to more artsy & crafty part of me – I love feeling creative, and I express myself through music, painting, drawing, sketching…. I could probably find more arts that I love. Like making collages, fashion sketches, architectural drawing, poetry…. Being creative makes me feel alive & happy. Colors make me smile.


I love “adult” coloring books but also children’s coloring books. I also just love to draw some stuff & color them afterwards 🙂


I used to draw many portraits, especially of football players because I really loved watching football on tv. Lately I’m more into special character drawing, sketches, and other cute stuff 🙂

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