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Hello guys! What can I say other than TGIF!! 😀 So so happy & excited about the weekend, maybe we’ll do something special with my BF, go to the city center maybe (weather is supposed to be kinda shitty so I don’t know), or just shopping & hanging out 😉 Catch some cool new Pokemons 😛

Yesterday we had some delicious Mexican food ordered with my mum and I thinkI’m stillfeeling kinda full from that hahah

So with photos below I wanted to show you how you can easily style an outfit from day to night without it looking weird or maybe inappropriate. I thought this was a good idea on Friday because you know, city after work & all that… 😉 Photos are from a couple of weeks ago though.

img_5853 img_5809 img_5818 img_5825 img_5829 img_5838 img_5843

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